Dear Users,

Thank you for downloading an Aaron W. Beck & Co. Font. All our fonts

are SHAREWARE and are NOT FREE. If you use our fonts even once please pay

the registration fee. The shareware fee for all our fonts is $6.00 (if

you don't think it is worth this amount send the amount you think it is


To register:

* Send a check or money order in US dollars to:

Aaron W. Beck Co.

Attn: Font Registration

PO Box 9070

Portland OR 97207-9070


* Call Aaron W. Beck & Co. to order by Credit Card (Visa,MC,Amex)

(888) 251-2325

* Send eMail with CreditCard Info to:

Getting The Latest or Support:

* Send eMail to:

* Visit out WebSite

* Visit out Anonymous FTP Site


Please also tell us in your letter which font you received the font

and if you had to pay any money to get it.

Note: If you do not plan on registering this typestyle then pass it on to

a friend or associate or erase it! If you pass it on it absolutely must

be accompianied by this information file.


All those who keep this Typestyle in their possession are bound by

this License Agreement. You are not permitted to breakdown this type and

change it for use as a different typestyle. You may decompose characters

or phrases as needed for advanced text manipulation as provided by many

graphic programs. This type may NOT ever see a Font Editor of any type.

(e.g. Fontographer, FontStudio). The type may not be stripped of any of

it's components or characters by anyone for distribution. (We have had

people receiving fonts with only the Capital letters from some Shareware

clubs - This is prohibited). Aaron W. Beck & Co. reserves all rights.

You need to register this type or not use it!