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"Abduction IV" is the 56th free font from Rich Gast.

It was originally created on 02/21/01.

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NOTE: This font is coded so that it can be embedded in MS Word (.DOC)

documents. Thus, if you use this font in an MS Word document and save

the document with the font embedded, the recipient of the document will

see it with this font even though they may not have the font loaded on

their system. To embed a font in an MS Word document select "Tools"

from the MS Word menu bar and then select "Options". Under the "Save"

tab, check the box marked "Embed True Type fonts". VOILA !

(The recipient must open the document in MS Word for this to work.)

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The character set includes:

Upper and lower case (alternate upper case) letters, numbers,

international characters and most punctuation and extended characters.

For whatever reason, Abduction has turned out to be my most popular

font. It has been used on a variety of web sites and company logos.

For that reason, I decided to dig further into the phenomenon called

abduction. This font, Abduction IV - The Truth, is the Third font

created from the DNA of the original. "The Truth" can be found if one

looks at the "big picture" in great detail. "The Truth is Out There!"

Those who seek it with diligence shall find it.

Oh, yeah....I almost forgot. If (for some unknown reason) you really

do want to make a donation to encourage me to continue my creative

efforts, send it to the address above. (Yeah....As If!) Thanks & Enjoy!

..... Rich Gast

GreyWolf WebWorks