I'm still working on the B5 Wingdings when I

can. I plan on adding more in the future, maybe:

1) a Centauri Ship (need a good plan view of the ship)

2) a Earthforce Ship

3) a Shadow Ship

4) a PPG (Phased Plaser Gun)

5) The League of Non-Aligned Worlds Symbol

I also plan on fixing up a few symbols. The EarthForce

symbol needs to be a little flatter and the B5 station

needs to be a little sharper.

A = Narn Ship

B = Minbari Ship

C = Vorlon Ship

D = Starfury

E = B5 Shield

F = Psi Corp

G = B5's 5

H = B5's 5

I = B5 Security

J = Symbol seen in Med Lab

K = Earth Alliance

L = Nightwatch

M = Centauri letter

N = Narn symbol

O = Vorlon letter

P = Babylon 5

Q = Minbari symbol

R = B4 Security

S = Centauri Royal symbol

T = Star Riders Clan (Minbari)