3D LET (BRK) is a free TrueType format font created by, and Copyright by, Brian R. Kent of ÆNIGMA.

The included font with reserved name "3D LET (BRK)" (using filename '3dlet.ttf'), was inspired by the 3D capital 'N' of the Nintendo 64 Logo. Brian Kent, from ÆNIGMA GAMES & FONTS made all of the characters 'Offset' (instead of connected, like the Nintendo N Logo). This freeware font is at version 6.10.

This is an uppercase only display caps font with outline and solid character versions of the capitals and numerals (no punctuation) that would be appropriate for headeline fonts and logos. The upper case letters and "Shift + #" characters are the 'Solid' characters. The lower case letters and the #'s are the 'Outline' characters.


"Shift + #" means use the !@#$%^&*() characters for the solid version of each of the #'s (1234567890).

When printing with this Font, use a large point size (above 24 pt).


Commercial, professional, charitable or personal use of this freeware font is OK!

Do not use this font on a website as a web font, you must rasterize the font if you intended to use it on a website (such as in a logo or graphics).

Redistribution of this font is authorized by the author if it is not altered (no derrivatives are allowed), as long as it includes the unaltered and unedited '3dlet.txt' file, and the font is not sold (not even as a part of a larger collection), unless prior consent has been secured from the authoring designer.

For specific details on the use of this font, see the "3dlet.txt" text file for specific info from the designer, Brian Kent of ÆNIGMA.


Brian R. Kent


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If you would like to create your own original masterpeice font, get yourself a decent font editor and create your own font, I recommend Fontographer, although TypeTool might do the job, also. The FontLab Studio software package is also offered as the premium flagship typographic editing tool of Fontlab.




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...that is freely distributable would be greatly apprectiated, especially if it is OK for commercial use. The more accented letters (for supporting foreign languages) and special characters available (especially bullets, ©, ®, ™ and special punctuation), the more complete and useful a font will be, to more people. Be sure to use a unicode letterset when you save your work or the font simply won't display right, here at Font-Journal. That's our most definitely our most important requirement.

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