The enclosed files are as follows:

CAS_INIT.TTF - A Truetype font containing capitals

intended for ornamental use as Drop Caps or in


CAS_INIT.TXT - This file.

I am circulateding this font as shareware, but with a VERY

cheap registration (ie no money involved). I would ask that

anyone who does find a use for the font, or keeps a copy of it

E-Mail me at:

and let me know what site you obtained it from,

as I would like to find out how popular this type of font is.

If E-mail is not possible interested parties can send me a

postcard at the address shown below. That is all there is to

registration. I will forward other similar fonts to those who

register as I develop them.

Paul Lloyd.

C/- Department of Accounting and Finance,

University of Western Australia,


Western Australia 6907.