Wild Ride
by FontMesa

Wild Ride is a free layred font set by Font Mesa. WildRide.ttf is a nice bold hand lettered print script with flair, leaning right as an italic/oblique. Meanwhile WildRideBackfill.ttf is intended to highlight Wild Ride with a different color (or pattern), usually darker to make Wild Ride pop.

Wild Ride font has a pretty complete character set, offering capitals, a smaller, and uplifted lowercase (designed to center on the capitals), numerals, common puncuation and symbols. It is missing currency signs (other than the US Dollar sign), the TM and SM marks, and the Copyright mark is FontMesa

This is the original TTF version created in Fontographer 4.1 (dated January 18th, 2001) and released as a free font by FontMesa (see the 'Licensing.txt' text document for specifics from FontMesa).

As of Saturday, March 30th, there is no new version, but an OpenType Format Font version is promised and in the works.

One caution...
FontMesa classifies this font as a famous font, meaning it is designed to recreate a logo, though they have not indicated which logo it is intended to recreate. However, it is perfectly legal for a font to be inspired by a logo, and most companies do allow their logo to be used for personal use (ex: on 'fan' or product 'collector' websites). So even though this font is free for commercial use, don't consider that as a license to use it to recreate the famous logo on a commercial site.

Michael Hagemann runs FontMesa and offers a variety of commercial fonts, as well as some free (often logo inspired) fonts.



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