Belwe Typeface - Free Medieval Script Fonts by Dieter Steffman

Offered in TrueType Font, OpenType, Postscript & both Web Open Font Formats, this is a pack of two fonts; Belwe Gotisch & Belwe Vignetten. Belwe Gotisch is a multilingual, hand-lettered, medieval munuscript print font. The Belwe Vignetten font is a small assortment of 'coat of arms' style vignettes that can be used as dingbats, icons, avatars, or just simple illustrations. Both fonts are at version 1.1.

This is a free font (never to be sold) released for public use by Dieter Steffmann. This font (and extra duplicate versions in other other font formats) is OK for commercial use, even as a web font (#webfont). No derivatives are allowed.

The authoring artist, Dieter Steffmann, has very little restrictions on the use of his free fonts (so, personal/commercial/charity work is OK, and you may use it as a #webfont, too), EXCEPT that he maintains his full Copyright worldwide, and therefore these fonts should not be modified or otherwise used to create a derivative font, and that the fonts should never be sold. The fonts in this archive are offered 'as is' without any warranty. This has been a quick synopsis on authorized use, more info is given under the DETAILS section, below.

The "Belwe Gotisch" script & "Belwe Vignetten" dingbat fonts were a creation of Georg Belwe, professor at the Royal Academy for Graphic Arts and Bookshops in Leipzig, for the typecasting company J. G. Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig (ca. 1913). These fonts were digitized by Dieter Steffmann and released in 2002. These fonts are at version 1.1. Belwe Gotisch offers 224 characters and supports up to 47 Latin based written languages. Belwe Vignetten offers 11 illustrations from a set of 22 characters, plus the DST (Dieter Steffmann Typography) logo in the @ character.

The font is an extremely well-crafted hand lettered font in a regular weight, gothic, hand printed book script lettering font in the style of a monk-penned medieval manuscript.

This set of fonts/webfonts comes in multiple font formats; TrueType (the 2 files with the *.ttf file extension), OpenType (2 files with *.otf extension), Postscript Type 1 (the files with extensions *.afm, *bin, *pfm, & *pfb), Web Open Font Format (*.woff file extension), and Web Open Font Format v. 2 (the *.woff2 file extension).

This distribution archive and any updated version can be accessed at the following URL(s)...
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The original 2009 Belwe archive found at Font-Journal was incomplete, it did not include the Belwe Vignetten illustrated font, hence this distribution archive update (on or about April 15th, 2021).

The TrueType and Postscript Type 1 fonts in this archive were originally downloaded from Dieter Steffmann's official archive (resource link credited below). Only the *pfb & *.pfm extisted in the official archive, so the PFB (Printer Font Binary) was used to create the Mac Binary file (*.bin) and the Adobe Font Metrics (*.afm) of each font.

I am unsure which Type 1 font files are required for which platform(s), but I am willing to bet that people who prefer Postscript Type 1 fonts know which ones they need (Font-Journal is mainly a TrueType & OpenType font repository, but we like to include Postscript and Web Open Font formats when we can).

In order to convert the PFB files to other formats, I used the following free online font converter tools:

To create the Postscipt Type 1 AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) font files I used the free 'Font File Converter' on file conversion...
Short URL:

To create the Postscript Type 1 BIN (Mac Font Binary) font files I used the free 'Online Font Converter' at
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Each orignal Postscript pfb font was also converted to OpenType using the free 'Online Font Converter' at

I used the High-Logic FontCreator, a professional Windows font editor application, to convert the resulting OpenType Font to the Web Open Font Format files (WOFF & WOFF2 formats) using CFF (Postscript) outlines to enhance the web font (#webfont) usability of this distribution archive, as well.

The original text sample image (GIF) is included from the official Dieter Steffman distribution archive site, and a new character set preview image (PNG) is supplied (this PD graphic text sample image is by me, Doug Peters of Symbiotic Design, made for Font-Journal) so that visitors to the site can easily check out the character set with a click, even zoom in and take a good look.

Finally, this distribution archive was updated with this documentation. This text document has been created specifically for distribution with this font archive as a researched factual document (to the best of my knowledge) intended to protect all parties. Any updates to this font (under this reserved font name) or its distribution archive can be found at the dedicated Font-Journal URL for this distribution archive given above.

This archive was specifically enhanced with this note as a means to document the great works Dieter Steffmann has contributed to the world. This is done in the hopes that he will always be credited for his wonderful gifts to humanity, as many of his original distribution archives lack any documentation what-so-ever (the license was given on the web page it was downloaded from, but then the license can be lost when a designer has a lot of fonts). Hopefully, it will also serve to help protect his work from modifications and derivatives.

These fonts have been checked and validated as the most recent known available version (as of April, 2021).

NOTE: This is free software, provided as-is, flaws or not. If you do have trouble, contact me, let me know the issue, and I will see what I can do.

Please note also, that Dieter Steffmann has a great many free downloadable typefaces available at Font-Journal. To view all of his fonts that I have added to the font repository so far you can search his name (or use the URL below):

Dieter Steffman
Is a widely talented, retired typographer living in Duetschland (AKA: Germany). Specifically, he lives in the township of Kreuztal in the Siegerland region of DE (DE is the country code abbreviation for Germany). He started computing on the Amiga (as did I). He currently has some health concerns that he shares on his Wordpress blog. He enjoys web administration, photography and hiking, now. He also posts some great photos. Dieter is also quite active on Twitter and maybe Facebook. Dieter Steffman's business alias is "Typographer Mediengestaltung" and he created hundreds of fonts between 2000-2013 that are now available free.

Mr. Steffmann created a large volume of free fonts (over 600). I have much to do to include and document each one of his fonts (both the ones I will add and the older ones that have previously been archived before I started documenting each one).

Perhaps Dieter Steffmann didn't include documentation in his distribution archives since he made them freely available to the public without much restriction on regular use and the license was specified on the download page. But then the license gets separated from the archive and as a designer myself, I like to retain proof that a free font I downloaded is as such (a free font with its conditions of use). It will take me a while, but I will be working to get them all updated with a text sample gif & documentation, eventually. Still, it's going to take a long time, as I administrate Font-Journal as a free online font repository and cataloged font archive only in my spare time, currently without assistance.

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1001 Fonts has cataloged 357 of his over 600 free typefaces:

Twitter Feed: @DieterSteffmann


Dieter Steffmann's official font archive is at:

Specifically, the download page for the undocumented font archive is:

...but as noted, those archives lack the inclusion of documentation and a simple preview gif. As I prefer to keep that the license info, documentation and a preview image are both included with my archives so that as a designer I can always reference this information should I require it (such as when some scammer comes along and pretends the font is theirs and threatens a fake 'Copyright infingement' shake-down law suit simply hoping to scare out some money from the ignorant or disorganized).

Therefore, I have added a variety of font format conversions, created a new character set PNG image for inclusion with this very archive, while adding this text documentation which includes the updated license info and a quick history lesson so that it is not lost (as in typical Font-Journal fashion for new font additions).

This journaling methodology gives professional graphic designers and marketers an easy way to prove that a typeface is free and OK for commercial use, as well as learn a little of the history about the author, if they want, without too much trouble. All they have to do is keep the original archive somewhere (in case the website goes offline when the Google server monopoly on internet infrastructure dependency takes the world's internet down again). I recommend keeping the archive in a local directory on your computer as well as online with the hosting account directory for any website you use it on as a webfont.

Digitalisiert von Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal. Nach Entwuerfen von Georg Belwe, Professor an der Koeniglichen Akademie fuer Graphische Kuenste und Buchgewerbe zu Leipzig, fuer die Schriftgiesserei J. G. Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig (ca. 1913).

Digitalized by Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal. After the creation of Georg Belwe, professor at the Royal Academy for Graphic Arts and Bookshops in Leipzig, for the typecasting company J. G. Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig (ca. 1913).

Copyright (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2002. All rights reserved. Digitalisiert von Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal. Nach Entwuerfen von Georg Belwe, Professor an der Koeniglichen Akademie fuer Graphische Kuenste und Buchgewerbe zu Leipzig, fuer die Schriftgiesserei J. G. Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig (ca. 1913).

Copyright (c) Typographer Mediengestaltung, 2002. All rights reserved. Digitalized by Dieter Steffmann, Kreuztal. After the creation of Georg Belwe, professor at the Royal Academy for Graphic Arts and Bookshops in Leipzig, for the typecasting company J. G. Schelter & Giesecke, Leipzig (ca. 1913).

By using this font you hereby agree to the terms of this license agreement as put forth in this document.

Personal use is allowed.
Charity work is allowed.
Commercial use is allowed.
No derivatives are allowed.
-This means that you may not edit the font, modify the glyphs, extend the font character sets, or change the reserved font name using the source font file.

You may convert this font for use in other formats, or for use on other device platforms, so long as the font remains intact and is not modified or otherwise altered in any way, such as changing the reserved font names or altering any individual glyphs.

This typeface is distributed 'as is' without any warranty. Neither the author of this typeface, nor any distributing party, shall be held liable for any damage derived from using this typeface.

You may redistribute this/these font(s), unchanged, preferably in its original archive as freeware, but the font may not be modified and you may not sell it, nor are you allowed to include it in any font archive, collection, distribution CD or DVD that is sold for monetary gain or bartered (keep it free). Any means of benefitting from the distribution of this archive is strictly forbidden. On distribution websites, this font must be available to all visitors for no charge, this includes sans membership fees or subscription requirement.

The included font(s) may not ever be sold or published in any form without the expressed written permission by its respective author, Dieter Steffman.

The included font(s) may be embedded into any application such as a website, home page, PDF document, or mobile device app, independent of the number of the application users, as long as the application itself does not intend to distribute the font file(s) independent of its proper distribution archive.

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